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ABC Prompt

Abandoned cities cover the land with their empty hearts. Buildings covered in ivy and moss were barely able to stay standing lean on each other for support. Collapsed houses filled with whispers of the past are filled with memories. Dead memories. Everything is either dead or dying, no one is left to care for the world we destroyed. Faces, now empty, show only regret and remorse. Good and Evil are no more, only survival remains. Hiding and wondering when we will next see the light of day. Imagining a world where we had never been attacked, where everything was peaceful. Joy is a feeling that has long disappeared from the lives of those who remain. Knowing, this is not a game we can win we just play until we lose. Living is not what we are doing, we are breathing….existing, dying. Many of us have wasted away inside, our bodies not quite caught up with our minds. No one knows how long we have, it could be months, weeks, days, hours….minutes. Opportunities for a normal life are gone, only a handful of us have figured out how to manage this new world but every day gets more difficult. Protecting ourselves before others has become the rule of thumb, you are only important until it comes down to me or you. Questioning our existence has become a common pastime in this life, for no one has anything to talk about. Rubble and debris cover the broken concrete as we hunt for food and other survivors. Survivors…….our competition, those who hunt us as we hunt them. Stealing our food and our lives. Telling lies that this is our fault, that all the blame is on us. Unity shatters once one side turns on the other, believing that if we die everything will go back to how it was. Vague awareness fills the air as we approach a known hiding spot for survivors. Withering trees within an abandoned hotel provide temporary shelter for those who have reason to hide. Xerochrysum flowers dot the ground with their everlasting color. Yearning for the sun as if the gift of light will magically cause life to flourish once again. Zigzag cracks begin to form along the wall as the ground begins to shake, the building sways and begins to fall, what an unfortunate way to die.

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