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The Rebels

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Rebellion always seems to work in movies. There are never any repercussions or consequences and everything turns out alright in the end. But I think we forgot that you can only fight the law so much before you have to give up. When my best friend and I got our eviction notice our first thought was “how dare they”. We thought we could fight it somehow, they wouldn’t dare kick us out. But rather than getting more money for rent we got angry and ranted about it. We held a protest amongst friends, avoided our landlord, and vandalized the building in secret. We felt like movie characters finally sticking it to the man. But it didn’t take long for the landlord to figure out who the vandals were and suddenly the eviction notices on our door turned into a padlock. We broke in and found all our belongings gone, nothing but a few empty boxes were left. How could they? We didn’t do anything wrong! We were supposed to win this battle. That’s what always happens right? The good guys win…right? We wandered the apartment looking for anything they may have left behind, anything we could salvage. At first, we were in disbelief, but quickly our hopelessness turned into anger once again. We kicked the boxes and destroyed them until they were nothing but shreds lying on the ground. As we sat in the shreds we heard the creaking of the door open. Both of our heads whipped to the door as the landlord walked in furious. Maybe this was it! This is the part he’d give us free rent if we stop! That’s how the movies always go at least. We were wrong once again…he explained all our belongings were currently sitting in a landfill and kicked us to the street. Neither of us have jobs, so we couldn’t get a new apartment. We have no friends who can take us in since all of our friends have basically closets to live in since they too have anger issues. I guess we’ve hit the bottom, but who can actually say it was our fault?

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