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The Horserace

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The pounding hooves on the dry dirt echoed across the track, as the announcer’s loud voice came on through the speakers. “And number 15 is in the lead with number 3 at their heel.” The crowd roared and the sound reverberated in her chest. Rose loved everything about the races. The excitement, the noise, but most of all she loved the horses. The horserace itself was not Rose’s favorite part, however. Her favorite part was when,

at the end of the race, they would allow you to pet the winning horse and take pictures with it. Whenever she went to pose with the horses she would always ask to brush the horses afterwards. Most of the time they would let her do so, since she was only a little girl. But on one specific day much like today, they let her not only brush the horse, but they let her ride it as well. Rose had never ridden a horse before and excitement enveloped her entire being. The rider held her foot as she attempted to swing herself onto the saddle like she had seen in movies. This didn’t quite go as planned, but after a few tries she was finally on the horse. She knew the one thing she will remember for the rest of her life, will be that first feeling of joy when she sat on that horse. The rider led her around the track and Rose couldn’t stop smiling. That night dreams of horses flooded her mind, and she knew, she knew that she was meant to ride a horse.

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