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If Walls Could Talk

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

If walls could talk-

would they sing?

Would they whisper?

Would they scream?

Would they tell of all they’ve seen?

Or long to be on open sea

If walls could talk

would you talk too?

Would you tell them all you knew?

From outside of the walls, they’ve seen?

Would you whisper?

Would you scream?

Could you live in walls of stone?

That love to rock-

that love to roll?

Or would you live in walls of wood?

That cried they should?

That cried they would?

If walls could talk

Would they lie?

Would they say things?

Make you cry?

If walls could talk?

“If walls could talk”?!

What nonsense

What a laughing stock

“If walls could talk”?

The walls can talk!

They ask why write-

when you could walk?

Why would you write?

Why would you try?

When you could fight.

When you could fly.

My walls can talk.

They whisper things.

I beg them “Quiet!

Let me be!”

My walls are soft

and dulling white.

That act as comfort

through the night.

But in the day

they taunt me “flee”.

And echo laughter

-can’t be free.

My walls are shadows

in my mind.

That torment dreams

I cannot find.

Yet even rooted

in the seams,

stuck on land

they crave the sea.

They crave adventure

-won’t receive.

So stuck on land

they crave the sea.

If walls could talk?

How would they speak?

Would they whistle

like the trees?

Or would they babble

like the stream?

Answer them, answer then, answer when.

Answer me.

My walls can talk.

How they sing.

How they whisper.

How they scream.

How they tell of all they’ve seen,

and long to be on open sea.

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