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My Escape

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The light’s seemed too bright over our kitchen table as my parents sat quietly awaiting my answer. I glanced at them and turned away, defeated by their pitying looks. After a while of silent sitting, I sighed and stood up, “I can’t do it. You can’t make me choose one of you! I don’t care that you chose to tear my life apart! I don’t care that you made a mistake years ago that is ruining my life! But I do care about you both! So how dare you tell me I have to choose just one of you to live with!” I grabbed my phone and stormed up to my room. Locking the door I could hear the shouting begin downstairs. I hated this, I’d always heard stories about people with divorced parents but I never expected it to happen to me. I always thought my family was happy. Apparently not. I couldn’t bring myself to hate them for doing this to me, though I really wish I could. I want to scream at them that I never want to see them again, I want to run upstairs slamming the door and blare loud music. But I could never do that, that’s not me. So I went to escape, I pushed my dresses aside in my closet and pulled out the box. Inside the box lay a book, it was old and leather-bound. But it was my one escape. I hide it because I know my parents would take it away from me if they ever found it. It was the book that my grandfather wrote for me, a story about my life as if it were a fairytale. When my parents got into a fight with my grandparents they took away everything that my grandparents had ever given me. Except this, I hid it when they started searching. It was the only one of it’s kind and my one true escape. To read in such detail about what my life could have been like. This book is my deepest secret and something I will have with me until the day I die. I opened it and started reading. I read about Princess Zoe, I read about the Zoe who found true love in a millionaire, I read about the Zoe who had the perfect family. That’s what all the stories had in common, they all began with a happy family. As I sat there cradling the book and tears streamed down my face, a thought dawned on me. All the stories began with a happy family, so what will happen now that that isn’t my story? What will be my story?

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