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The Cakewalk

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The music seemed to be taunting me. It was nagging me, saying that I would never win. I’m one of twelve in this contest and everything around me seemed to be whispering, “Why would it be you?” Looking around at the other kids in the cakewalk, they seemed to be having fun. They were laughing and dancing all around the circle while the music blasted through some cheap speakers in the corner. It seemed that this was just a game for them, but not me. I’ve had my eye on a certain cake for years. Every year Mrs. Garfield makes a big chocolate cake decorated like a unicorn for the fifth grade cakewalk. And I’ve watched from the shadows for years as ungrateful fifth graders won this masterpiece only to scoff at it and throw it away. But not this year, it was finally my turn to get that cake but it was also my only chance. As the music continued to play around me, I was watching the numbers under my feet. Praying that this would be the one time that I actually win. After an eternity of walking and praying, the music finally stopped. The lady in charge of the cakewalk stood in front of the microphone with a hat in her hands full of numbers. She sticks her hand into the hat, “Aaaaaand the winner of the unicorn cake iiiiiiiss,” she pulls out a piece of paper, “Nuuumber nine!” I looked down at the number beneath me and sighed. Number three, not even close. I left the cakewalk defeated and went to find my parents. We all went home and had dinner, but when I went up to get dessert they told me they had a surprise for me. Confused, I sat back down and waited. They went to the fridge and pulled out the unicorn cake! They said they had asked Mrs. Garfield if she could make an extra cake and she happily agreed. I was ecstatic! I ran and hugged my parents trying to show them how happy they had made me. We all sat down and cut the cake, they served me the first piece and I dug in. It had been, hands down, one of the best days ever.

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