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When No One Was Around

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

“Come here Sausage! That’s a good boy. This is your new home, Sausage! What do you think?” Sausage looked around at his new home. Lots of room to run, comfy bed, and a constantly filled food dish. It was perfect. The next couple days were filled with excitement and joy. Everyone was paying attention to Sausage and giving him lots of love. Sausage had never been happier. And one day when everyone had gone out he found a really shiny toy. It was tall, black, and was red underneath. Sausage had seen his human put these on her feet occasionally, but if she left them here then they must be for Sausage. So when nobody was around he bit into his new toy. After some hours of chewing he heard the door open. Excited to show his human how much he enjoyed his new toy he ran to the door. All of a sudden his toy was ripped from his mouth and his human was making a lot of gestures and noise. “Bad Sausage! What did you do!? Oh my god! My shoes! Sausage! What have you done! These were so expensive! GO OUTSIDE. NOW.” Sausage had never heard his human so angry and ran to his house in the backyard. What had he done wrong? He played with his toy, and somehow the human seemed upset. Sausage didn’t make a mess or scratch anything. Why was the human mad? After a while of sitting in his dog house the door to the backyard opened and the human came outside with his toy. “Well...I can’t get them fixed. They’re too damaged. And I really don’t want to throw them away, so I’ll tell you what? I’ll let you chew them a little bit more.” Sausage didn’t understand what the human was saying but when she tossed his toy on the ground he jumped up and leaped for them. The human started laughing and Sausage could tell that she had forgiven him. They spent the next hour outside in the grass laughing and playing with the toy while the neighbor gave them a horrified look. It had been a good day.

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