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The Café

Pens are not special. No one would think anything of it if you strolled into a café with a pen in your purse or coat. Some people even clip pens onto their shirts and collars. That’s probably why no one was concerned when a man wearing jeans and a leather jacket strolled into the café with a pen sticking out of the pocket of his jacket. No one noticed when the man didn’t order anything, but instead sat down at a table and pulled out his laptop. No one noticed when he placed the pen on the table next to his laptop with no paper in sight. No one noticed when he took a tiny wire and connected the pen to his laptop. What they also failed to notice was that there was an extra pocket on the outside of his jacket in the bottom seam near the front of his jacket. Hidden away on the inside of the jacket was a small remote. It was practically paper-thin and had only a single button. The man carefully pulled the remote out of his jacket and placed it next to the pen. Again no one seemed to notice. No one noticed that the screen on his laptop was a video of the café, but not just any video. It was recording what was happening using a hidden camera in the pen. The man stayed there recording for about twenty minutes when he abruptly stood and walked out leaving behind only his pen. No one noticed any of this, except for one person. A child, who looked to be about eight, saw all of this. He cautiously picked up the pen and examined it. He saw nothing unusual about the pen but he was still suspicious, so he clicked the pen. Out popped a camera and a small box that the boy didn’t recognize. Noticing a police officer nearby, he took it to the officer and explained what he saw and showed him the pen. The officer paled and screamed for everyone to get out. At first, no one moved until they saw the officer’s face. Then everyone ran. Almost everyone had made it out safely when the pen, which was still inside the building, exploded. The screams and cries echoed through the city of New York. And during all the commotion, no one noticed the small remote with a single button being tossed into a nearby trash bin, by a man in a leather jacket.

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