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The Queen's Dog

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Francis McKibble was the Queen’s royal dog. He has always paraded around during public events and treated like royalty when at home. The public loved Francis, but the servants hated him. Francis had always had something against the maids, cooks, and staff. He’d always try to make their lives as messy as he could. Francis would tip over buckets, knock over vases, and steal the royal food. The staff hated it, but there was nothing they could do. They’d try to bribe Francis into being nice to him, but Francis always had a reason not to.

“Hey, Francy! How are you doing? Do you want some bacon? Huh? Will you be nice if I give you bacon?” Francis accepted the bacon, but not the truce. He would have but that was not his real name. “Francy” Francis doesn’t know a “Francy” so why should he accept a truce made for another dog. So Francis went about his day knocking over things and making the staff miserable. And when one of the staff had the audacity to try to punish him, so he ran straight to the queen whimpering. The queen quickly found out who it was and they were out on the streets before they could even try to explain. You would have thought Francis would feel bad for making someone lose their job. But Francis didn’t care, that’s how things are done around here. His owner may be the queen of the country, but Francis was king of the castle.

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