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Father Dearest: Monster Series (Werewolf)

Updated: May 18, 2023

Father dearest don’t you cry

For it, all ends tomorrow night

Wrap me up in sheets of white

So a soul I cannot bite

This lust of blood will have its way

And end at the new break of day

Then, human, I’ll be once more

‘Till the devil knocks my door

Father dearest don't you fret

For no blood has been spilled yet

This may change tomorrow’s eve

When my song becomes a scream

Shadows plead and call to me

Father dearest protect me

Keep me chained so I can’t feed

For my fate is up to you

And if you fail my life is through

Father dearest listen close

Pick the thorns off of the rose

Please promise, be by my side

I fear I’m losing my life

Father dearest the moon is full

I’m losing grip on my soul

My heart it seems is hardening

My eyes take on an awful gleam

Father dearest don't you run

For the night has just begun

Wrap me up in sheets of red

So I know someone has bled

Father dearest do not cry

For it all ends for you tonight

They’ll find you here come morning time

The devil sings you’re final rhyme

Father dearest I weep for you

We’ve both failed my life is through

I will join you in the sky

For while I live, I wish to die

Father dearest I was wrong

Now to the heavens, you belong

If I died would you see me

Or the beast I’ve come to be

Father dearest I’m with you now

And hold your hand deep underground

They wrapped me up in sheets of white

I guess it ends for us tonight

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