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Happy is Hard

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The shadows

grow darker

with each passing


Until the sunlight

has died.

'Til the dark eats you up


Until the silence

muffles your cries.

(1 2 3 4)

The dark and the dreary.

The words we won't hear we

shove them to the back

of our minds,

For writers and artists

to find.

But what we don't seem to mind is that,

happy is harder than sad.

Oh, happy is harder than sad.

So when it is time,

to sit down and write well

happy is harder than sad.

And I tell myself

there's no reflection

The words don't have a deeper connection

That's why I smile when I cry

and say everything's gonna be alright

cause happy is harder than sad

Oh, happy is harder than sad

if you didn't know too bad

cause happy-

yes, happy-

Snap click, snap click

"Look this way"

Nobody cares if I'm not okay

Snap click, snap click

Look at me now

I'm flying so high I should touch the clouds

Snap click, snap click

Am I upset?

Well there's one thing I don't regret

and that's

happy is harder than sad (snap click, snap click look this way)

oh happy is harder than sad (Nobody cares if you're not okay)

oh, happy is harder than sad! (Snap click, snap click, snap click)

I'm fine.

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