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How It Ends (2020)

Skin as white as snow

Hair as black as the night

Left me nowhere to go

Used up all of my fight

They all thought her an angel

But couldn’t be more wrong

Her dark deeds

Were more than me

Her evil aura strong

But when I tried to take her down

Nearly lost my head

Nearly lost my crown

I have no friends

It was the end

Nothing I could do

But then my courage grew

Made a plan

Called the guards

Set it into motion

She wouldn’t get too far

But she succeeded

I’m defeated

And now I’ll carve out her heart

Looking in the mirror I can’t see a picture clearer

Then the thoughts invading my mind

Whenever I am near her, I just can’t look in the mirror

But I can’t always seem to stay blind

They might see me as the villain

But the fact is far more chilling

Then the queen they think they know

I must be the only beauty

for I know that’s they’ll see

Then I must make it so.

Now my life is getting gory

Always said I’d be a story

The crowds outside keep roaring

And my thought-filled head is swarming

Thought I deserved a warning

But the rules just kept on bending

Until the moral was pretending

That my story is now pending

And they forgot my happy ending

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