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King of Goblins (2021)

(A group of friends and I challenged ourselves to write additional songs for the movie Labyrinth, this was my song for when Sarah summons the goblin king)

King of Goblins

King of Fools

King of gone and broken rules

Take this child so he may be

Somewhere far away from me

Oh, I can’t stand it,

Time is fast

When the present and the future past

Suffocate my liberty

And without this child

Will I be free?

(pause and music slows)

(music surges) Doesn’t matter I hate them both

With their noose around my throat

Goblin King, Goblin King

Save me from this treachery

Take this child so I’ll be free

To the land of goblins, filth, and noise

Take this child and its lack of poise

King of Goblins

King of Fools

I call you now

To break the rules

Remove him from my sight you see

For once in my life, I want to be free

(music fades and nothing happens. Sarah looks defeated and speaks to Toby as she puts him down)

“Oh I wish the goblins would come and take you away…right now”

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