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Land of Make-Believe (2021)

(A group of friends and I challenged ourselves to write additional songs for the movie Labyrinth, this was my song for the interaction between Sarah and the Junk-Lady)

Junk Lady:

Welcome to the land of make-believe

If anything’s real you'll never see

So many people escape in memories

Welcome to the land of broken dreams

If it's done well you'll never leave

Why would you want to? That I ask dearie

Welcome to the land of make-believe

If it's done well you'll never leave

Welcome to the land of hopes and dreams

Welcome to the land of shattered dreams

See that bear ol’ Lancelot

Well it seems he’s got a spot

Right there above your bed

And you notice how intact

Each odd bob and artifact collect upon your nightstand

Everything is in its place so why must you make that face?

I couldn’t understand


Everything is in its place

Why does it feel like outer space

Look at the things upon my nightstand

And my bear oh Lancelot

Well he’s got his special spot

Right there above my bed

Junk Lady:

And look at your pretty lipstick


The real world you do not need

In the land of make-believe


The mirror pulls me in

Whether fantasy or sin

I really cannot tell

Junk Lady:

Look at all the stuff you have

Why do you still look sad

Here are more things I can show you


As my shoulders gain more weight

There’s this crushing heavy- wait!

I was here to find my brother

Leave me be old memories

And crazy lady can’t you see?

This junk means only nothing

Junk lady:

Junk? Junk!

How dare you, foolish girl

Fine go be in the real world

Watch your heart and family suffer

I tried to keep you here

Keep you near what you hold dear

But fine be on your way now


I can keep myself from harm

Thanks, don’t need to hold your arm

That's exactly what I’m saying


We may not see eye to eye

So I guess this is goodbye

I hope you’ve chosen correctly

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