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Mirror Mirror

Everyone wishes for a fairy tale life

A fairytale husband or a fairytale wife

Maybe riches galore to cure all the ill

Or a brand new cottage to keep out the chill

But staring into the mirror that hangs on my wall

I find I am no longer, the fairest of them all

My life was going great until the death of the king

But all I really needed was to wear his royal ring

That wretched little girl that my husband left behind

Is just a royal pest taking too much of my time

I don’t know what to do with that darling little beast

So take her to the woods, give the animals a feast

But bring back her heart and liver, I just really want to see

Did you actually kill her, or just fake it all to please

If I find that you are lying

Better run cause, you're first to be dying

Just the second that I find you

And that girl who hides behind you

I really am not joking

When I say that you’ll be choking

On the pedestal to showcase

So you better not show your face

And the apples I will gift to

The girl who hides from me and you

Now my life has become gory

I always said I’d be a story

My happiness is pending

And they forgot my happy ending

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