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Six Feet Under (2020)

Hey there, yeah you

I heard you want to

Get out of this dreary old place

I can help, here’s the deal

Your lips are to be sealed

And these secrets may take you to your grave

My mission’s begun but I can string you along

You have a few minutes, choose your fate

Take your pick make your choice

Soon, your time is running out

Better hurry if you want to escape

Hear the bells see the guards

And the sirens in the yards

Your time’s ending hurry before it’s too late

Time is up come with me

You’ll just have to agree, come on our future awaits

If we don't make it out, it’ll be no wonder

At least our secrets will be six feet under

Oh no what’s that you really don't want

To get out if that is the cost?

Oh well too bad you know too much already

The future outweighs what is lost

So come on, let's go there is no time to wait

See I always planned to use you as bait

So, so long farewell this is where we part

I’m sorry if I broke your heart

Wait hold on, what's going on

Oh I should have known all too well

This is the end of the line

Well, my friend, this is fine

It really is no wonder

Secrets should be, six feet under

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