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Step Back Now

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

The stars out are tonight,

shining oh so bright.

Twinkling ‘mongst the velvet sky

and the clouds move on with asks of why.

But step back now,

oh step back now.

See the trees are blowing,

see the grass is growing.

But step back now,

step back now.

Cause in the grass and broken dreams

remains someone yet to be seen.

Step back now,

oh step back now.

The person lying in a daze

awake inside the peaceful haze.

Is someone new,

untouched by you.

You destroyed the way they were,

became their nightmare whisperer.

So they moved on,

and now your gone.

Look at what you put them through,

they did all that was asked of you.

Yet here we are

under the stars,

so step back now.

Oh step back now.

I helped them through,

no thanks to you.

See the stars in the sky,

all you did wrong and all they did right

shining bright.

Shining so bright I wish I was alive

to see.

You killed me too,

its what you do.

But now we’re through….with you.

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