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The Moon

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It’s late at night

I try to sleep

But can’t close my eyes

The stars call me

They blind my eyes

And make me smile

But is it true

Is it worth my while

The darkest night

Can’t drown my fears

But calm me down

And dry my tears

The sounds of silence

Surrounds my ears

The silence gets louder

But it’s not all I hear

The stars they sing

In their own certain way

They sing all night

And sleep all-day

The grass sways in the summer air

The moon shines bright

Wind in my hair

The scene sounds nice

Like a dream brought to life

But though it’s night

The true dark’s inside

The world goes still

The moon calls my name

It says “play along”

“Survive this game”

I had no choice

When the moon called me

It bound my soul

Only breath flowed free

Stuck in the field

That once glowed white

But now is black

Like the darkest night

The moon called out

I had to be there

It gave a command

and I said a prayer

Next thing I know

I’m on my knees

The grass and everything

begins to freeze

I hear a voice

My heart beats loud

I can’t find a soul

Not even a cloud

The voice speaks again

No one to be seen

I wake up

That's the end of the dream

So I get up and look out my window

The stars disappeared

The world is nothing but shadows

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