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The Ocean Floor (2020)

Some people walk the ocean shore

In hopes of finding answers

But me, I swim the ocean floor

I’m one of its many dancers

The ocean floor is barren

When I look up there’s just black

The peacefulness I thought I felt

Is slowly drawing back

The silence of the ocean blue

Is drowning out all thoughts I knew

I try to scream

But I can’t breathe

There’s no such thing as harmony (music fades out)

I’ve been here before

Not a stranger to the floor

So how is it I’m drowning now

I cannot swim so I look down

I didn’t know my feet were bound

Then a wave of panic hits me

So I try to hold my breath

I’m drowning in more ways than one

Is this my final death

The ocean has betrayed me

I thought we were once one

The refuge that I thought I found

Forever now is done

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