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The Poets Lied (2021)

The poets lied

The stars don’t sing

The birds don’t talk

Hearts don’t have wings

So now I question everything

Until the morning comes

Until the morning comes

I know I’m young

I know that means

That I don’t know a single thing

But can’t my days have a bit more light

Instead of waiting for dark each night

I wonder if what I’m doing’s wrong

I thought maybe if I put my heart in a song

Something will happen, I won’t wait too long

I know I’m young, and even so

People keep saying just take it slow

These are the best days of your life

Then why does it feel like I’m running out of time?

People say their’s demons in their mind

But mine’s in my heart and it’s holding a f**** knife

The days now pass with more darkness than light

But it’s fine cause I’ll smile and say that I’m alright

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