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They Know

My inner monologue

Is an open book

Go on take a look

Go on and see right through me

And if by happenstance

That you catch a glance

Of the words they say

You don’t have to lose me

High every night

On a tightrope, I fly

Through the waves

And the wind of the light

High every night where’s the life I lead

If I’m right when I fight

Will there be something for me

I can try as I might

But who knows what I’ll find

If the answer’s worth looking

High every night I get tired to fight

and I might give it up tonight

So here, have no fear

Watch as I disappear

From the light

That you shined

On me

Play the cards your way

That’s the price you pay

I didn’t ask to play

So why can’t you hear me

I don’t know what you want

Or what it is you taunt

So just don’t come near me

So set the sky on fire

Let the flames grow higher

And ascend to the planes you can’t go

For down here while I fight

I am fighting alone

But the flames, they know

And when the smoke fills your lungs

and the life that you longed for

The songs that you cried

And the ties that you pawned for

When you can’t close your eyes

But you can’t stay alive

The flames won’t take home

And when you played the game

And left me to flames

I know they took your pain

You didn’t have to lose me

But when the stakes were high

And your tongue was tied

I guess that is to say

You didn’t have to choose me

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