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Trees of Green (2020)

Trees, trees, trees of green

Turning black and swallow me

Good or bad

Right or wrong

The trees can’t tell

They hear no song

The world is bright

Within the trees

Full of life

Full of dreams

But the are trees sad

The trees are gone

They know the world

They know it’s harmed

So they take revenge

Out on me

And others who pass

Within the trees

It starts slowly within the breeze

Haunting of a sigh

The whistle through the leaves

Then as night comes

The earth grows still

But creatures awake

Ready to kill

They won’t hurt me

I know their minds

But stay away

Their eyes are blind

To good or bad

Right or wrong

Instinct to kill

An instinct that’s strong

So good luck to you

I hope you will

Survive the trees

Survive their will

But hush night comes

And to your doom

We trudge along

To your tomb

And hear that sound

The snap of a twig

They are near us now

The battle begins

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