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Warmth in Ice

In a world of frost and snow

Where icy winds can blow

A tale of love to grow

As two hearts begin to glow

In winter’s grip, they meet

With ice beneath their feet

Yet in each other’s eyes

A warmth that thaws the mind

They dance on frozen ground

In the wind of love’s new sound

A tale of hearts entwined

In this world of frost, they find

Through harsher nights and days

Their eyes still burn ablaze

A love they can’t contain

and hearts of ice remain

In every snow’s embrace

And ice’s tender grace

Their love withstands the freeze

The coldest hearts are these

As winter yields to spring

Their minds of love they bring

Through frost and ice and air

Something’s blooming there

So heed this gentle call

And let the ice walls fall

Cause in the dark of ice

The warmth of love entice

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