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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Is it the place that I dream of

When I fall asleep

Is it the place that I think of

Far from here

With the hatter and the cat

What could be so wrong with that

Have I fallen prey to wonderland

Tweedle dum and tweedle dee

Would you fetch the queen for me?

We have some things to discuss

Were the flowers talking trash

Did the cards have heads to bash

Have I fallen prey to wonderland

There’s the vicious queen of hearts

Well you wish she’d fall apart

Cause she took control of wonderland

But fear not anymore

For I’ve opened up the door

Now all are free to wonderland

But little do they know

Once you come you come

You cannot go

For I am now queen of wonderland

The roses once were white

Then I turned off the bed light

And now they glow red

For the nightmares just begun

Once you’re trapped you cannot run

You have fallen prey to wonderland

Now you’re trapped inside a dream

Once you’re in you can’t be free

Wonderland has fallen prey to me

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